Midland's Backpack Shotgun is a Winner

By Warren Berg

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ZRUS Outdoors Channel Midland Backpack Shotgun Review - December 6th, 2017

This is the Midland Arm Backpack Shotgun. Featured is the 18.5 inch 12guage with Beretta style chokes, removable grip panels, adjustable length of pull, AND adaptable Rimfire and Centerfire Barrels to come! http://shootmidland.com

Shooting Illustrated - "Made for the Majority"

by Evan Brune - March 2018

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Shooting Industry Magazine - December, 2017

Val Forgett, president of Navy Arms, Old Western Scrounger and Gibbs Rifle Co., has launched a new brand, Midland Arms Co. Featuring single-shot rearms imported from Turkey, the line is designed for young shooters.

“We see an opportunity in the single- shot market with updated features that appeal to younger shooters like adjustable lengths-of-pull, inserts for different team colors, interchangeable barrels and screw-in chocks. We want a brand themed back to earlier times, to Americana. Our ads look like they came out of Saturday Evening Post in 1958,” Forgett said.

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Shooting Illustrated - Wednesday, November 15, 2017

"Midland Arms announced the launch of its line of Backpack firearms, providing shooters with an easy-to-use, single-shot shotgun loaded with a number of innovative features that allow for use at home, in the field and on the range.

Midland considers its Backpack line of firearms to be a great option for young shooters, but the design is a worthy option for all shooters, thanks to its innovative design that can be packed away easily in any hunting, hiking, backpacking or camping kit. The break-open action folds into a compact package that measures only 20.25 inches long with guns equipped with 18-inch barrels, making them viable options for storage in any pack used for extended trips into the woods."

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First Look: Midland Arms Backpack



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