Below FAQ are some common concerns of our customers before purchasing, if you have other questions, please just send it to the Midland Arms support team.
Midland guns come with a 1-year mechanical warranty and a 30-day cosmetic warranty. To extend your gun’s mechanically warranty to 3 years, for free, click HERE.
Yes, we will assist you during our normal service hours.
Yes, we do. Please view our interchangeable barrel section
Yes. You can return an unopened firearm to the dealer you purchased it from.
Yes. You must ship this firearm to an official FFL dealer to transfer.
You are able to use our dealer finder to either directly purchase a firearm that may be shipped to your local FFL dealer. Additionally you may contact your local FFL dealer and request that they order you in a Midland firearm from one of our national distributors.
We plan to release interchangeable rimfire barrels mid 2018 and centerfire barrels late 2018.
Interchangeable checkered inserts will be available in multiple colors mid 2018.
Each gun comes with a takedown wrench and choke & Allen wrench.
All chambers are 3". A 3 1/2" shell will not fit but it will take a 3 1/4" shell.
A solid frame with an internal hammer.
A modified choke with Beretta threads.